Biomagnetism therapy was discovered and developed by Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, a medical doctor working in Mexico City.

In 1977 Dr. Goiz Durán began Medical School at the Autonomous University of Puebla where he graduated as Obstetric Surgeon, professional license number 813725. While working as a physician and physiotherapist he took several certification courses and received degrees in alternative medicine, including Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer’s Energy Therapy course in 1988 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

That same year, inspired by Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer’s teachings and based on his own knowledge in medicine and other areas, as well as the information contained in Otto Glasser’s book “Medical Physics”, he discovered the Biomagnetic Pair while treating an HIV positive patient. The patient showed significant improvement 8 days after receiving treatment, which consisted on the application of two magnets of opposite polarity, each measuring approximately 1000 external Gauss. During the treatment the magnets had been placed on specific areas of the patient’s body for 15 minutes. So on October 10th, 1988, Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán discovers the first Biomagnetic Pair in the history of Biomagentism, a pair designated as the “Thymus-Rectum” pair, and thus becomes the discoverer and author of the technique.

In the course of 26 years the achievements of Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, including the discovery of the Biomagnetic Pair, have been countless. Some of the main achievements include the discovery of 350 Biomagnetic Pairs that identify and treat a variety of diseases including infectious, autoimmune, dysfunctional, metabolic, chronic, degenerative, psycho-emotional and tumoral. In 1993 he discovered the phenomena that magnetic fields generate in a living organism, the human body, and that can be reproduced through mental energy, calling it Bioenergetics. In 1995 he discovered Telebioenergetics when he cured his first patient remotely. Using the mental energy of the patient, the therapist and the joint action of the magnetic fields, he is able to cure a person in Italy long distance from Mexico.

How it works…

It has been discovered that through the use of a pair of magnets it is possible to rebalance the body both energetically and chemically.  I like to think of it as internal cleaning.  When the body is stressed through a conflict, whether physical, mental, or energetic, it is possible to create an energy block where the energy is no longer flowing.  Once the block is established it is possible for pathogens to become established in the area.  What Dr Goiz discovered is that the pathogens always exist in a symbiotic relationship with each other and require a change in the chemical pH to exist in their pathogenic state.  Bacteria and parasites require an alkaline environment, and virus and fungal infections require an acidic environment.  A pathogenic virus will always exist in resonance with a non pathogenic bacteria, and a pathogenic bacteria will always exist in resonance with a non pathogenic virus.  The virus supplies the information, the bacteria, the structure.  Parasites will proliferate where a pH is maintained alkaline by a bacterial pathogen, and fungal infections will congregate where a pathogenic virus maintains an alkaline environment.

As the factor which establishes the pH is the ion H+, it has been discovered that this ion can be manipulated with medium powered magnets.  The practical effect of this is that through the use of a balanced pair of magnets it is possible to neutralise the pH in the body.  The by product of this action is the elimination of pathogenic organisms and the re-establishment of the body in balance, thereby giving the body a chance to heal itself.

Through the work of Dr Goiz Duran, we have established the location of over 300 pathogenic pairs which can be corrected, thereby helping the body to heal itself on a physical, psychological and espiritual level.

Diagnosis is established through the kinesiological sense of the body – effectively on side of the body shortens in the presence of a medium powered magnet when it resonates with an imbalance in the body.

Further Reading…

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Biomagnetism is a therapy which uses low powered magnets to level pH. This does not constitute a medical therapy and is not a substitute for a medical G.P..
Timothy Pratt  is not a licensed  medical practitioner, he is a Certified Biomagnetic Pair Practitioner and does not claim to diagnose or treat or cure medical conditions. He does not claim to practise medicine. Please do not discontinue any  medication and consult with your medical practitioner should you have concerns.