I am so grateful to have Tim as my biomagnetism therapist. I can recall several times i had sessions and many of them the relief comes within an hour, my body goes back to it normal level of energy but it was yesterday that once again I can prove and convinced that the magnets did their job again. I woke up feeling really extremely bad: Chills, fever 37,6 C,body aching, belly pain, few sneezes, stabbing pains in my joints and most of all feeling extremely tired and sad. I had never felt like that in my whole life. I messaged Tim and he very kindly did the therapy. The diagnosis : Coronavirus and another bacteria if i remember well. Today I woke up like normal, feeling full of energy=)
The point is that my symtoms were quite different to the common ones. We are all different , our bodies respond in different ways to microorganisms, we should have a biomagnetism check up .to detect any pathogen and feel good and healthy. Coronavirus can be eliminated from our system with this amazing therapy. I highly recommend Tim, he is an experienced therapist, I am so thankful. Hes being looking after my health since 2007. All my gratitude