I’m sure everyone is familiar with the covid 19 virus. I have been self isolating here in the US, except to go to the grocery store every two weeks, so that must of been where I contracted the virus. Dizziness hit me the day before I felt sick. I didn’t feel bad in advance but had a sudden bout of extreme stomach cramping which I didn’t think was covid19. I then got a fever and started looking up symptoms of the virus. My symptoms weren’t typical but they fit. Concerned at this point I asked Tim to work on me with distant healing. I was in horrible pain from my stomach when I contacted him. I made it thru the night and finally slept a few hours when I received the message he was done. I felt way better in my stomach by then. The first day I had a headache with improvements in cramping, dizziness, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and lower back pain. Can you believe this…I’m amazed. Day two I had a slight headache and occasional stomach pangs with a tenderness. That’s it…this is covid19! Day three I was great…went for a walk, thanking God I heard of biomagnestism, and had energy with no more pain. Tim was awesome! Got to me right away and did a fantastic job ridding my body of this virus. I appreciated his kindness, professionalism, and quickness in the midst of an uncomfortable illness. I would recommend Tim for any ailments you are concerned with because I know from first hand experience biomagnetism distance healing works. Thanks Tim!