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Peace after 6 years of noise

I have suffered with tinnitus for over 6 years and had all sorts of tests including a brain scan(yes they did find a brain, before you ask) and they said there was no treatment so I just learnt to cope with it. Then I had magnet treatment with Tim and for the first time in 6 years I was able to go to sleep without having to listen to something on my phone to drown out the noise. Im looking forward to experiencing life without the problems that tinnitus caused although now I don’t have an excuse for playing my cello out of tune! Can’t thank you enough Tim.

Isobel Plusnin

Covid19 gone!

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the covid 19 virus. I have been self isolating here in the US, except to go to the grocery store every two weeks, so that must of been where I contracted the virus. Dizziness hit me the day before I felt sick. I didn’t feel bad in advance but had a sudden bout of extreme stomach cramping which I didn’t think was covid19. I then got a fever and started looking up symptoms of the virus. My symptoms weren’t typical but they fit. Concerned at this point I asked Tim to work on me with distant healing. I was in horrible pain from my stomach when I contacted him. I made it thru the night and finally slept a few hours when I received the message he was done. I felt way better in my stomach by then. The first day I had a headache with improvements in cramping, dizziness, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and lower back pain. Can you believe this…I’m amazed. Day two I had a slight headache and occasional stomach pangs with a tenderness. That’s it…this is covid19! Day three I was great…went for a walk, thanking God I heard of biomagnestism, and had energy with no more pain. Tim was awesome! Got to me right away and did a fantastic job ridding my body of this virus. I appreciated his kindness, professionalism, and quickness in the midst of an uncomfortable illness. I would recommend Tim for any ailments you are concerned with because I know from first hand experience biomagnetism distance healing works. Thanks Tim!

name (optional)Michelle G

It definitely works.

I have ME, fibromyalgia, and lymphocytic colitis. Tim has treated me with magnets several times, it has relieve d my symptoms. I even had a really agonizing headache one day and he made it go during one treatment. This modality does work. Tim has a calm and reassuring presence and is very thorough going through the whole body.

Kat Middleton

A kind an effective way to heal. Biomagnetism

I am so grateful to have Tim as my biomagnetism therapist. I can recall several times i had sessions and many of them the relief comes within an hour, my body goes back to it normal level of energy but it was yesterday that once again I can prove and convinced that the magnets did their job again. I woke up feeling really extremely bad: Chills, fever 37,6 C,body aching, belly pain, few sneezes, stabbing pains in my joints and most of all feeling extremely tired and sad. I had never felt like that in my whole life. I messaged Tim and he very kindly did the therapy. The diagnosis : Coronavirus and another bacteria if i remember well. Today I woke up like normal, feeling full of energy=)
The point is that my symtoms were quite different to the common ones. We are all different , our bodies respond in different ways to microorganisms, we should have a biomagnetism check up .to detect any pathogen and feel good and healthy. Coronavirus can be eliminated from our system with this amazing therapy. I highly recommend Tim, he is an experienced therapist, I am so thankful. Hes being looking after my health since 2007. All my gratitude


Missing your therapies

I used to receive biomagnetism therapies myself as well as for my children when Tim used to live in Mexico. I highly recommend them, those gave us excellent results whenever there was stomach infections and throat and flu symptons and afflictions

Claudia Ruiz de la Peña

Biomagnetism is a blessing

Over 13 years ago I know Tim, my family and I, for many years we were Tim’s patients, during the time he lived in Mexico. I had meningitis and thanks to Tim with three days that he gave me biomagnetism therapy, I recovered and I live to tell about it. My family and I highly recommend Tim who is a professional therapist, who learned and took classes with Dr. Isac Goiz founder and creator of Biomagnetism therapy. We miss you Tim.

Mini Bravo

Mi testimonio de covid19

Gracias Tim por hacerme biomagnetismo para mi enfermedad de covid19 estube enfermo 7 dias duros con el biomagnetismo poco a poco me fui curando ya estoy 100% bien muchas gracias amigo!!

Nelson Illescas

Happy teenager!!

Tim treated my 15 year old son today he has been suffering with an infected pilonidal sinus has been feeling run down and keeps telling me he is depressed. He has been on antibiotics for about a week but they haven’t helped at all. Straight after the treatment he was so much happier and said he felt like he had lots of energy and that his head felt clear like a bad headache had finally gone. Maybe I will get him to tidy his bedroom while he is feeling so energetic! Thank you Tim.

Isobel Plusnin

Woman issues

The magnet therapy has helped me a lot with things  I have had including
Infections, and pain in my vesicula. The pain in my vecicula has all gone.
I suffer of painful periods and it has helped me too.
Thank you Mr. Pratt


Our community miss Tim, he’s the best biomagnetism therapist

Hello, my name is Mirna and I live in Mexico. I have known Tim for 12 years or more, I think, and I want to briefly tell my story. 10 years ago I suffered from meningitis and the only thing that cured me and saved me was the biomagnetism therapy which I received from Tim. My daughter and my husband also received therapy for different ailments, viruses or bacteria. Tim is a therapist who studied