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Peace after 6 years of noise

I have suffered with tinnitus for over 6 years and had all sorts of tests including a brain scan(yes they did find a brain, before you ask) and they said there was no treatment so I just learnt to cope with it. Then I had magnet treatment with Tim and for the first time in 6 years I was able to go to sleep without having to listen to something on my phone to drown out the noise. Im looking forward to experiencing life without the problems that tinnitus caused although now I don’t have an excuse for playing my cello out of tune! Can’t thank you enough Tim.

Isobel Plusnin

It definitely works.

I have ME, fibromyalgia, and lymphocytic colitis. Tim has treated me with magnets several times, it has relieve d my symptoms. I even had a really agonizing headache one day and he made it go during one treatment. This modality does work. Tim has a calm and reassuring presence and is very thorough going through the whole body.

Kat Middleton