Biomagnetism is a therapy which treats the root blockage causing illness, or dis-ease.  As such it is effective on many many problems we may experience.  The symptoms improve when the root cause and imbalance is found and corrected through the therapy.

Conditions which have been helped include everything from… colds and flu, gastritis, diarrhea, stomach bugs, skin conditions, aches and pains,  lymes disease, meningitis, sinusitis, AIDS, infertility, diabetes, circulatory blockages to complex cases of tumors.  There are many chronic conditions which may improve when the body is allowed to heal itself.

Is it going to work 100%?  Nothing can be 100%.  There are often underlying causes for the issue which need to be resolved – whether a psychological conflict, an energetic incompatability in the environment, or simply sharing the bug with your pet who returns it to you when you go home. However by giving the body a chance to find it´s balance many symptoms simply clear up.

There are cases where not everything can be treated in one session, and the body will reveal new locations at subsequent sessions.

So how many sessions are necessary?  Some people will notice significant benefits after just one session, others may require a few more, however 2 or 3 sessions is generally sufficient for many cases.  Some more complex cases may require more sessions.

Magnets can be applied to anyone of all ages and is completely compatible with existing therapies.  The therapy is risk free.

What happens in a treatment?

The patient is asked to lie down, fully clothed on a couch, face up.  The therapist is able to locate the locations for the magnets by the kinesiological response of the body in response to a medium powered magnet or the energy of the therapist.  Effectively we are measuring the shortening of the muscles in one side of the body which shows the imbalance.  The magnets are then placed in the necessary locations and left for around 25 minutes until the imbalance no longer shows.

Follow up precautions

In most cases the patient will be recommended, as a precaution, to attend to basic hygiene to prevent risk of reinfection.  This involves changing or sterilising their toothbrush and water bottle or any other high risk items. (they can be sterilised using the treatment sold for babies bottles… Milton or steamers and so on).

Is there anyone who can not recieve a treatment?

It is not possible to treat people who have recieved chemotherapy or radiation treatments within the last 3 years, people with pacemakers fitted or other electromechanical implants, or cases where the patient maybe pregnant.  Such disclosures are the responsibility of the client.

How much does it cost…?

Well, for me it has cost thousands of pounds in courses,  hundreds of hours of study and trips around the world… however I have gained the knowledge and wisdom to help myself and the people I have had the pleasure of knowing to a better state of health on levels I could not have even imagined before discovering the work of Dr Goiz.

For you… I like to work on the principle of a recommended donation of £40 per session or 3 sessions for £100 (the recommended number of sessions to see results in more complex cases).  With any luck this can start you on a journey of physical, mental and spiritual health. I know there are people who may struggle to find the money as above, so if you wish to pay less, then so be it, on the other hand, bearing in mind that there are people who are charging £100 per biomagnetic therapy session, and thinking of the money that can be saved over other treatments, if you feel the treatments are worth more than £40 and you have the money you may consider supporting with a larger donation.  By working in this way I hope to be able to continue to make the therapy available to all.



Biomagnetism is a therapy which uses low powered magnets to level pH. This does not constitute a medical therapy and is not a substitute for a medical G.P..
Timothy Pratt  is not a licensed  medical practitioner, he is a Certified Biomagnetic Pair Practitioner and does not claim to diagnose or treat or cure medical conditions. He does not claim to practise medicine. Please do not discontinue any  medication and consult with your medical practitioner should you have concerns.